Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems

Your brand is under pressure to “do more with less” and yet you still must provide meaningful information to customers, partners, and employees.

As your company’s digital footprint grows exponentially, it becomes more costly and challenging to manage and locate the content required to make informed business decisions. You need to identify and use existing tools and resources to make retrieving the right information and properly managing it both cost-effective and efficient.

We can help. As your partner, we’ll deliver effective enterprise content management solutions that provide increased flexibility and consistency, improved customer service, and time and money savings.


A content management system is a vital tool in maintaining a business or a content-oriented website. It is useful for those who wish to publish new content on their site regularly, as well as for those who wish to receive data from users who visit the site. This applies to websites that deal in e-commerce, blogs, e-magazines, ticketing and data collection sites. And a powerful content management system is one that applies business ideas and user interface design together to create a simple yet effective tool.

To help businesses manage and to distribute the information faster, effectively and efficiently, content management solutions are required. And they are very important to any organization. Torque Workflows will provide you with the best and easy-to-use solutions to communicate over web dealing from corporate websites to multi-level extranet.


Content Management Solutions

Our content management solutions includes:

  • Web Content Management
  • Document Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Media and Digital Asset Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Collaboration

Depending on your requirements, we integrate a set of modules that provide a new level of information control and help you manage your data effectively.

Our web CMS solutions are secure and easy to use. We make sure that the back-end design is as simple to use as the front-end user interface, thus making the system user-friendly.


CMS Life Cycle

We start by capturing requirements from different business groups and external parties so that the information architecture is salable to accommodate the next wave of changes to hit the market.

Our customer experience and design team helps ensure the solution designs are intuitive and compelling.

We then put a plan together for migration of existing content to new CMS and facilitate the development of governance guidelines and related change management needs. We’ll ensure compliance to design and regulatory standards and enable non-technical users to publish and manage content without IT support.

Our goal is to give you full life cycle management of content from creation to expiration and a central repository for web content with a common information architecture.

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