Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Torque Workflows offers an incubation & co-innovation led approach to Intelligent Automation to build capabilities for our customers, collaborate with them right from idea generation to prototyping to full scale implementation.

Torque's Intelligent Automation capabilities are designed to help organization's integrate automation with technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and knowledge based systems to drive enterprise-wide digital transformation. Our highly skilled Automation experts and Data Scientists will work along with your business and IT teams to assess processes readiness, technology readiness to develop the most suitable automation workflows and help in sustaining the robotic workforce in your enterprise.

AI and automation are at the forefront of digital disruption for enterprises. All business are looking to harness the power of smart automation platforms, emerging technologies like AI / ML and process re-calibration techniques, complemented by deep engineering skills to ensure they can increase the velocity of software development without compromising on quality in a cost-efficient manner.

Our Intelligent Automation experts will use their expertise to combine the benefits of robotic process automation with cognitive technologies to break down the limitations of rule-based automation and expand the capabilities of your current RPA implementation. When combined with our world-class, proven automation frameworks, you will be able to change the game, as your automations will include decision making, analytics, and problem-solving features, in order to automate non-routine tasks, and skyrocket the operational efficiency across your enterprise.


Doing versus Thinking

It is important to realise that RPA and AI are nothing but different ends of a continuum known as IA. On the most fundamental level, RPA is associated with “doing” whereas AI and ML is concerned with “thinking” and “learning” respectively.

Intelligent automation combines both machine learning and RPA. By introducing machine learning (ML) to process and interpret input data, the solution is working with probabilities instead of business rules.

When a ML algorithm sees input data A, there is X probability that robot action B is appropriate. Adding this layer of probability in front of a robot makes it more flexible to handle changes and can forward cases to humans, where there is too much uncertainty.

Rather than a single technology, intelligent automation is a combination of automation and cognitive technologies that improves everything from decision-making to process automation to customer experience.

Intelligent Automation has the potential to change the way of working in many domains of an organization – Customer Services, Finance, logistics, purchasing, HR, etc.

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